Monday, May 20, 2013

On the road again


        That's right friends, I am in post surgery phase ! I went to St. Peter's hospital last week and allowed the absolutely amazing ,Dr. B, to cut me up, what did he find you ask? A giant cluster of endometriosis encasing my ovary! I feel lighter already,in all honesty, I feel very peaceful. I am extremely grateful that, Dr. B found and removed the "endo", also that I have such a wonderful family ,my grandparents have let us move in for my recovery period until our move.
    As of right now, it is just like old times, I am healing, which means laying around and letting my grandmother do everything, okay not everything, she isn't washing me. Its glorious, however I am feeling pretty good so it will probably need to end soon. Today, however, I had the pleasure of spending a lazy day with my oldest dearest friend .
We sipped delicious mint, cucumber filled drinks, we laughed till we cried, we made new friends, who played us love songs and made us outstanding snacks.
Today, I felt like my old self, I wasn't worried about doctors or medication , I was just present in the moment, the music and the love of a friend. 
I pray for more days like today, maybe it is my hormones evening out, maybe I am just filled with grace , either way I am grateful. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blog Button!

      I am so happy to announce that I am now part of the Catholic Blogger Network!! Hooray!
Because I am part of this awesome directory, I get to have a blog button! How cool is that? So I am linking the button as well as the button of the "wonder woman" who helped me create it. However, it is thanks to you, my dear friends, that I am able to be apart of this network, so really, honestly, thank you!

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