Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This dog is not my baby...

                 We are fostering a 2 year old Aussie cattle dog. She is sweet and funny , loving and gentle. She is also needy and loud and not a baby... What do I mean by that?  Just what you think, she is not a human baby that I have birthed from my womb and will love. She is a great pup and I am happy that we could take her in and save her from death. I am so happy she will be going to a nice loving home soon, for my sake I pray ,really soon.. Like seriously come on people come adopt her already.
                  I have discovered that I do not want a dog anymore. My husband is a genius bc I think he knew after fostering for a few days I would be over it. He was right. I am tired of waking up at 7 am bc she is crying to go down the 3 flights steps and out into the cold only to not pee but to just walk around , come back and poo on my floor. I am half tempted to diaper her. Seriously people, this is a ton of work and I am nervous to leave the darn house bc I am worried her crying and barking will annoy my neighbors. At least with your own child you have diapers and nap time and they don't chew your shoes! So what have I learned from this adventure other than not wanting a pet? That I want a baby way more than I let on, and I am pretty vocal.. I feel like I may have been lying to myself with all this , I am sad but whatever God's will thing. I have learned that caring for something isn't my issues, I do not want to care for just anything , I want a fat curly haired baby?! NOW!
  Okay, with that said, I am also thankful for this adventure. I am thankful to God showing me I still have work to do, still need to detach a bit more from the image I want of my life. I am growing , I feel it and it hurts, but I am really thankful for it... Now if only this cutie could fine a forever home and I could have my bed back at night... 

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