Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The things my husband lets me do..

             I do not want to brag but I have a pretty great husband. He allows me to make the choices that I feel God is calling me to and with little to no fight on the subject. He takes care of me and provides for me, he keeps me focused on the cross. I feel I am truly blessed. 
   With that said, recently he told me I could open our home to the pet fostering system, this guy has a lot of trust. We have been going back and forth about adopting a dog for a few months , much talking, looking and praying. I would see a pup I liked , show my husband and then take it into prayer. My "bff" and I would go look at him or her and ask for a clear sign if we are to take them home... Let's just say we received several clear signs. Several big fat NO WAYS! One pup ,who was the mix of a boxer and a beagle, came storming through the double doors and broke out into the parking lot. After asking God to have the pup come to me and like me as my sign I got the hint and dropped our search. 
    Then one day I was sent an email from the local shelter asking if I would like to join their foster program. I consulted with my husband and we decided this would be a great " dip our toe in " experience. We have been sent our orders to pick up our new little friend this coming Sunday , he is a 12 week old lab puppy. I full expect to have my dining room table chewed, shoes go missing and the occasional bathroom accident on my rugs. However I am excited and long to take walks and have a pal to chat with throughout the day.    
   The first thought that has probably come to your mind is, "Shannon, your deflecting, you're fostering a pet to fill your baby void ". Well to that I say, HELL YES I AM . I am aware, I am okay with it. I have put a lot of time and prayer into this and I have asked God to close the doors if it is not His will and honestly I think there is a lesson here for me to learn. I believe He is teaching me farther detachment. The fostering experience is heartbreaking, so I hear. I completely expect to sob and want to adopt him and all that jazz, yet I am still open to doing so. I think ,and trust me I am still praying on this, But I feel what God is calling me to is become even more detached from what I thought my life would be. I need to give fully in to His plan, surrender it over, bc if I do not I will never truly be at peace. This fostering experience is just another step in that long process of trust.
     I will keep you posted after we get our pup this weekend, I have a feeling he won't be with us for long but I am hopeful of the love we can show him and the lessons we can learn from him. 

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